Backup mysql databases with mysqldump

Addendum 2015-0318: I am now using automysqlbackup for mysql backups. It is simple to use and offers rotating daily/weekly/monthly backups. See my post at

I have multiple (five) databases in mysql and need to perform regular backups and off-site backups. I am using a python script that uses the mysqldump program to backup my databases.  I am doing daily backups to my home folder at ~/Documents/backup.mysql/. My home directory is backed up daily to another hard drive with a daily cron job and using rsync to create differential backups. I plan on backing up all databases to individual files because I read that it makes restoring a single database easier than if all databases are backed up into one big file. The files will also be compressed with gzip. I did a gzip compression test using the default compression and the “-9” option (best compression) and the difference was minimal for my needs. I decided to use the default compression for speed and simplicity.

mysqldump from command line for testing

sudo mysqldump -u user --all-databases --events | gzip -c > /home/chad0320/Documents/backup.mysql/testbackup.all-databases.sql.gz



1. python help using mysqldump:

2. mysqldump manpage:




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