Adding A Calander to OwnCloud and Thunderbird

Here a brief steps to add calendars to Owncloud and then Thunderbird

  • Download calendar from website in ical format and save it to your hard drive
  • Import Calendar into Owncloud
    • Owncloud manual
    • Login to Owncloud account
    • goto files tab
      • select a folder to import a calendar
      • click on the upload arrow at the top of then page
        • a new window will appear and select your ical calendar (has a .ics extension, example: US-holidays.ics)
        • The new file “US-holidays.ics” should now be visible in the files tab
      • click on the “US-holidays.ics” file name
        • a new dialog box appears “Import a calendar file”
          • at “Please choose a calendar”
            • select “create a new calendar”
            • type in calendar name
            • choose a color for the calendar
            • select the box “Remove all events from the selected calender”
          • click button “import”
  • Adding a Calendar to Mozilla Lightning calendar application

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